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    In Indonesia, the Quality Assurance System for Higher Education (QAS-HE) must be accomplished by all higher education institutions. This is done with the aim of actualizing a qualified National Education (Regulation of the Government of Republic of Indonesia on National Standard in Education No. 57, 2021, and Regulation of the Ministry of Education and Culture on National Standard in Higher Education No. 3, 2020). At the same time, this should be done in a sustainable manner (Laws of Republic of Indonesia No. 20, 2003). Based on this, Sam Ratulangi University (SRU) strives to continuously improve its quality in a sustainable manner through the implementation of a quality management system (QMS).

    Postgraduate Program in SRU (PP-SRU) is being held by three institutions: 1) Postgraduate Institute, 2) Faculty of Economy and Business (FEB), and 3) Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science (FFMS), with a total of 21 study programs (5 doctoral programs, 14 master programs, and 2 professional programs). The QMS has been implemented in the Postgraduate Institute which administer 14 study programs (3 doctoral programs, 10 master programs, and 1 professional program), and in 2020 has been certified with an ISO 9001:2005. In order to internalize all the postgraduate studies in SRU, there is a need to implement this QMS in 7 other study programs which are under FEB and FFMS. Prior to implementing this, it is necessary to introduce QMS at the level of study program and departments within those faculties through each program study coordinator.

    Since 2021, SRU has been accredited “Excellent” by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (NAB-HE). However, in March 2022, out of a total 76 study programs (doctoral, master, undergraduate, and professional programs) at SRU, only 12 have been accredited “Excellent”. Moreover, from 76 study programs, only 14 that have been internationally certified for QMS of ISO 9001:2005. This fact indicates that the study program in SRU needs to be encouraged to achieve a better quality in accordance with international standards. Therefore, continuous understanding and preparation for the coordinator of the study program regarding the Quality Assurance System (QAS) and Quality Management System (QMS) is needed. For this reason, a series of activities, entitle “Dissemination of Quality Management System Toward Study Program Accreditation and International Certification”, will be carried out at UNSRAT which is funded by The Support to Higher Education in the ASEAN Region (SHARE). One of these activities is this workshop.



    The objective of this workshop is to increase knowledge and preparedness of the Sam Ratulangi University Postgraduate Program in each target study program regarding accreditation and certification, both international accreditation and Quality Management System (QMS) certification according to ISO 9001:2005.



    Workshop participants are coordinators of Postgraduate Study Programs from 3 institutions (FEB, FFMS, and Postgraduate). A total of 20 participants will take part.


    Dissemination method

    Based on current situation and condition, the methods that are thought to be effective and efficient to be used are presentation through workshop and assistance. The presentation will be done by resource persons (instructors) and they will also be responsible in assisting the participants during mentoring activities. In addition, benchmarking to institutions that have implemented QMS will also be carried out to gain experience and best practice principles.

    Workshop will be carried out before and after (2 sessions) the implementation of benchmarking. The activity before benchmarking is intended to provide an understanding about QMS, and the one after benchmarking is intended to discuss best practices to develop an action plan from each study program coordinator in implementing the QMS. It is planned that the Workshop will be held in 2 sessions; The 1st session will be held on August 5, 2022, which will be conducted in a hybrid (offline & online) manner where all participants and several resource persons will attend offline and 2 other resource persons will attend online.



    The Agenda for the 1st Session Workshop (August 5, 2022) is as follows:

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