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Makassar, 03-03-1965

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Riwayat Pendidikan

1990. Indonesia Sarjana (Ir.). Faculty of Fisheries, Sam Ratulangi University, Indonesia.

1996. Master of Science (M.Sc), Faculty of Science, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark.

2007. Doctor Technical Science (D.Tech.Sc.). School of Environment, Resources, and Development. Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.


Riwayat Publikasi


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Lasut, M.T. & Yasuda, Y. 2004. Contamination of mercury in Buyat Bay, North Sulawesi Indonesia: bioaccumulation, contamination status, and potential impact to human.. RMZ-M&G (Materials and Geoenvironment. Mercury as a Global Pollutant) 51(1): 1164-1167.



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Riwayat Keanggotaan Asosiasi Profesi

- Specialist in Marine Pollution Studies and Integrated Tropical Coastal Zone Management.

- Member of Indonesian Graduated Oceanology Association.

- Member (General Secretary) of Indonesia Aquatic Resources Management Association